Darshan Bora is a Partner at ELP and served with the firm since 2010. With over 15 years of experience, Darshan brings to the table a deep understanding of legal, taxation and regulatory matters.

Darshan is often called upon for his expertise and advice in matters relating to Customs, GST, FSSAI, Legal Metrology and Income tax issues. In addition to advisory work, he also handles intricate litigation matters, right from the stage of hand-holding clients during investigations to drafting responses to regulatory authorities and attending hearings before adjudicating authorities and Courts. Darshan has represented clients before adjudicating authorities, Tribunals, High Courts as well as the Supreme Court. He has successfully handled a litigation in relation to one of the highest ever tax demands in India amounting to USD 1 billion. Darshan has also successfully handled matters relating to seizure of bank accounts under CrPC, VAT, Income tax and other statutes.

Darshan has extensive experience in customs, export control related, BIS and licensing related matters. He has represented clients before FSSAI and has been successful in seeking suitable amendments in regulations.

He also provides assistance on economic offenses including hand-holding clients in CBI investigations in reference to white collar crime allegations and has represented clients before several authorities including the Directorate of Enforcement (ED).

Active on advocacy and representations before the Government, Darshan has successfully assisted several sectors in seeking suitable clarifications and relief from the authorities. Most recently, he represented and assisted the beer industry before the GST Council and Central and State Government(s). His efforts resulted in introduction of a specific provision under GST law for taxation of used goods on margin basis instead of a full tax basis.

A qualified lawyer, Darshan is also a Chartered Accountant with an All-India Merit Rank.

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