Export Control & Customs


The team advises clients on a wide range of customs compliance matters, including the proper classification and valuation of imported goods, rules-of-origin, the establishment and operation of Free Trade Zones (FTZs) or Special Economic Zones (SEZ), duty entitlement and other export-import schemes and customs issues arising under the WTO Agreement. The team also offers advice on tax structuring for investment and tax optimization for ongoing businesses. We also provide assistance in relation to policy formation, tariff rationalization and government advocacy.

We also assist clients with complex valuation issues, including issues relating to under-invoicing and over-invoicing issues, royalty payments and licensing arrangements and circumvention issues.


  • Advisory on coverage under the regulations, and attendant compliances and/or procedures – this involves an analysis of the technical characteristics, end-use and/or end-user of the product, Customs HS codes, and precedents in terms of past license applications where available.
  • Assistance with drafting, filing and follow up of applications and/or representations for clarification on coverage
  • Assistance with applying for and obtaining export licences, where required, from the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) and/or the concerned Ministry and Department
  • Review of business operations and transactions so as to identify risk areas (potential non-compliance) and suggest measures for risk mitigation
  • Preparation of Standard Operating Procedure, including checklist for compliance, identification of broad approach for future risk assessment, outlining of decision process to be followed, and broad guidelines for supporting processes, including documentation and record keeping
  • Advice and assistance on policy initiatives and representations before Governmental authorities

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