Manendra Singh PARTNER


Manendra Singh is a Partner in the Corporate & Commercial and Private Equity practices of ELP, having experience of more than 10 years.

Manendra is a transactional lawyer and practices in General Corporate, M&A, Structuring, PE, Corporate Litigation, Securities Laws, Funds and Company Law. He has advised several clients on corporate and commercial transactions, including private and public mergers, acquisitions, strategic alliances, private equity investments, domestic and cross-border foreign collaborations, joint ventures and routine advisory on all aspects of Indian corporate, securities, foreign investment and company laws.

He regularly advises clients on the equity as well as on the debt side, in the listed and unlisted space. To name few, he has advised Johnson Controls India, Otis India, National Stock Exchange of India Limited, Sears Holdings Corporation, CDSL India, Centrum Capital Limited, Sheth Developers, Future Lifestyle Fashions Limited, Transworld, Inspirisys Solutions Limited, Google, Somerset Fund, Capital India, Wadhwa Residency, Godavari Biorefineries Limited, Avlock International. He has been involved in advising clients such as Prozone Intu Properties Limited, Piramal Enterprises Limited, Samhi Hotels, Milestone Real Estate Fund, and certain other clients in structuring debt transactions. He is actively involved in legal developments and transactions in IFSC – GIFT City and is advising various clients in some of the ongoing matters. He has advised clients in setting up alternative investment funds, such as New India Opportunities Fund (Category-II), Sankhya Ventures (Category-III), and also regularly advise start-ups and founders.

Manendra has contributed to LexisNexis India Mergers & Acquisitions Practical Guide (Takeover Code). His co-authored publication on “Bankruptcy Code: Exclusion of Civil Courts in Monetary Matters?” was recently published in the book ‘The Reform Decade – Corporate & Commercial Law in India’. He frequently writes on contentious legal issues for various publications houses, and issues ranging from company law, foreign exchange, SEBI laws, IFSC laws, ESG etc.

Manendra has been recognized as Recommended Lawyer for Corporate and M&A by The Legal 500 Asia-Pacific rankings.

Prior to ELP, Manendra was associated with Khaitan & Co, Mumbai, where he was part of General Corporate, M&A, tax, capital markets, project finance, litigation team.


    • Recognized as Recommended Lawyer for Corporate and M&A

Asia Law

“Excellent conceptual clarity, responsiveness and legal knowledge.”

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