Corporate & Commercial


ELP offers legal services at all stages of a business cycle, right from the inception of an entity to general corporate matters, guiding companies routinely on their business and legal issues to assisting and advising them in relation to complex transactions. Our well-developed expertise in corporate laws, tax laws, competition laws, regulatory structuring, and commercial understanding of various sectors enables us to handle the complexities involved in transactions in the most practical manner.

We advise clients on the entire spectrum of corporate transactions including mergers and acquisitions, scheme of arrangement, business and asset transfers, demergers, joint-ventures & strategic alliances, buyouts, reduction of capital, buy-back of shares, stock swap arrangements and corporate reorganisation. Our services are not just restricted to conducting due diligence exercises, drafting and negotiating documents, providing regulatory, corporate compliance solutions, structuring advice, or entry- exit mechanism; we strive, at all points of time, to provide end-to-end results to our clients. Our expertise in FDI regulations, SEBI regulations, stamping provisions and DTAAs allows us deliver solutions quickly, which is crucial to corporate transactions.

We have advised clients across sectors including automobile, aviation, consumer products, healthcare, hospitality, food & related products, financial services, information technology, infrastructure, media, real estate, shipping & maritime, steel and telecommunications. We understand the regulatory environment and the intricacies involved in these sectors in India and are able to help our clients achieve their business objectives. Our client base comprises of large multinational conglomerates, listed companies, financial institutions and strategic investors.

Our clients benefit from the multidimensional knowledge of our lawyers and value our in-depth expertise, availability, and the involvement of our partners throughout the cycle of a transaction. Our lawyers are trained to focus on providing our clients with the most optimum solution to overcome the complexities of commercial transactions by developing innovative structures and mitigating any risks involved.


Strategy & Structuring Advice

We advise clients on structuring of the transaction in line with applicable RBI guidelines, FDI regulations, Income Tax provisions, SEBI regulations, DTAAs, stamp duty implications, etc. Our Corporate & Commercial team works closely with our strong tax, regulatory and competition practices enabling us to strengthen every deal structure and provide solutions to the most complex issues. This also helps us to provide a quick turnaround which is vital in any M&A transaction. ELP has also successfully structured capital flows such as dividend, royalty, fees for technical services, etc.

Transaction Support

Our team assists in reviewing, drafting, negotiating and execution of the transaction documents such as term-sheets, business purchase agreements, shareholders agreements, voting rights agreements, non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements, escrow agreements, schemes of arrangement, stock swap agreements, employment agreements and transition agreements.

Regulatory Audit Support

The Corporate and Commercial team assists clients in drafting, filing and coordinating the regulatory approvals and consent processes, including approvals of RBI, SEBI, FIPB, CCI as well as any other local permits and consents. We also offer to conduct tax optimisation studies in target companies for our clients. Our clients find this service to have helped them with substantial savings.

Post-Closing Support

We provide post-closing support to our clients in the form of integration planning, risk mitigation, restructuring board, listing agreement compliances, etc. We have a dedicated team with experience in corporate financing, structured financing and securitization.

General Corporate & Commercial Laws Advisory

We offer legal advice to various companies in diverse sectors in relation to their day-to-day operational corporate commercial matters, including issues relating to employment law, lease arrangements and company law.

Support for PE & VC Investments

 ELP’s Corporate & Commercial Practice is further strengthened by our PE & VC team which has assisted key stakeholders in private funds, including investment managers, sponsors and seed investors, lead investors, funds of funds, placement agents and co-investors. The team has represented both funds and portfolio companies on transactions and has a sound understanding of concerns from all perspectives.

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