Newsletter/Booklets 18th Jan 2024

International Trade & Customs: 2023 In-Review and Outlook for 2024


Suhail Nathani Managing Partner | Mumbai
Sanjay Notani Partner | Mumbai
Parthsarathi Jha Partner | New Delhi | Noida
Ambarish Sathianathan Partner | Mumbai
Naghm Ghei Principal Associate | Delhi NCR
Harika Bakaraju Principal Associate | Mumbai
Akshay Jain Principal Associate | Mumbai
Prashant Sharma Consultant | Mumbai
Divyashree Suri Senior Associate | Delhi NCR
Mitul Kaushal Consultant | Delhi NCR
Sarthak Yadav Associate | Delhi NCR

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As we step into 2024, it’s crucial to look back at the transformative year that was 2023 in the world of international trade. Last year was defined by the recovery of businesses from pandemic aftershocks, the dominance of economic nationalism amidst globalization, and an increased focus on production diversification for supply chain resilience.

Looking ahead, key events like the Thirteenth WTO Ministerial Conference in Abu Dhabi are set to address critical issues from the E-commerce moratorium to food security, shaping the future of international trade. Moreover, 2024 is poised to further intertwine trade with non-trade issues, especially in environmental policy. With the first reporting obligation under EU’s CBAM being due in the first month of 2024, and other countries adopting their own versions of CBAM, businesses need to adapt to these changing regulations.

Join us at ELP’s International Trade and Customs Practice as we delve into a comprehensive analysis of 2023’s trends and forecast the developments that will define the international trade landscape in 2024.

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