News & Media 5th Sep 2022

Return to workplace may ease moonlighting concerns in IT industry, say experts


PV Ramana Murthy Head– Employment and Labor Laws | Mumbai

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Globalization has redefined careers, especially with technology providing a diverse script for options. In this scenario, the concept of moonlighting is slowly gaining traction. Moonlighting refers to employees taking upside gigs, independent projects to work on more than one job at a time. It has ignited a huge debate in different industries with divided opinions on the matter. The major workforce which contributes to moonlighting are IT professionals owing to certain reasons of less payment and skill development.

Against this backdrop, PV Murthy, Partner, Employment and Labor Laws, Economic Laws Practice (ELP) has shared his insights on the nature of employment contracts with respect to moonlighting in an article by LiveMint

Read the detailed article here.