Forensics & Fraud Investigations



While there are different nuances to different types of fraud, generally speaking, most fraud incidents will have planning, launching and encashment as three constituent stages. ELP helps provide effective systems and protocols for all stages, including damage containment to create a robust fraud prevention and protection framework. These activities can be divided into four phases:


Limit the opportunity to commit fraud through:

  • Access restrictions
  • Internal control systems (SOPs, access protocols, continuing recon)
  • Training to sensitize users
  • Threat of adverse consequences
  • Signed code of ethics from employees


Continually identify and monitor key fraud indicators (such as weakeninginternal controls, inadequate processes) through:

  • Regular audits and risk assessment
  • Whistleblower reporting, protection (and reward) programs


  • Detailed evidence gathering, protection and preservation procedures
  • Thorough (independent/external)litigation
  • Asset recovery proceedings and/or litigation/complaints
  • Asset recovery proceedings, damage assessments and/or litigation/complaints
  • External reporting


  • Building a crisis management team comprising of HR, Legal, IT and communication experts
  • Managing adverse publicity and reputation damage to the business/brand
  • Informed decision making and legal review of proposed organizational response

Investigations & How can we help?

Digital forensic investigations are still predominantly conducted in response to an incident. With this reactive approach, there is extreme pressure put on the investigation team to gather and process digital evidence before it is no longer available or has been modified. The rudimentary practices followed by local law enforcement and limited knowledge of emerging forensic technology have led to weak capabilities in investigating corporate crimes. The need for specialized resources to help manage incidents – from initoal investigation all the way through the litigation process – is paramount.

  • An integrated approach combining proven expertise in investigations, legal strategy and enforcement
  • An experienced cross-sectoral team of forensics specialists, retired law enforcement officials and IT experts
  • Discretionary approach to investigations
  • Customizing investigations techniques and technologies on a case by case basis
  • Ensuring that the evidence gathering procedure is admissible in cour

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