Data Protection


Data Privacy is critical not only for the sectors which actively deal with data, including e-commerce companies, social networks, IT outsourcing units but could also greatly impact other businesses in sectors including hotels and hospitality, insurance, B2C sales, telecom, life sciences, etc . Additionally, even the entities which seek investment from offshore individual investors need to be mindful of the data protection norms while collecting and storing KYC and other information from such investors.

Many Indian conglomerates have subsidiaries outside India and could be accessing data of such subsidiaries including data of the customers and employees of such subsidiaries from India. Such access also needs to be in compliance with the applicable data protection regulations.

With a view to guiding our clients through this complex and nascent phase towards a new privacy paradigm


Advisory Services

  • Implementation of a strategic plan for data protection program based on the industry
  • Transfer of data in cross-border mergers and acquisitions
  • Data breach scenarios and other data security concerns
  • Consumer rights and consumer protection regime
  • Issues surrounding treatment of employee data


  • Reviewing the existing privacy policies and procedures to identify possible compliance gaps; streamlining these with applicable legal requirements
  • Data localisation for cross-jurisdiction compliance

Regulatory Support

  • Responding to potential allegations of non-compliance from regulatory authorities
  • Data disclosure requests from investigation agencies
  • Making representations to regulatory authorities to bring forward the views of the stakeholders

Contentious Matters and Litigation Support

  • Complaints from users regarding data and security breaches
  • Objections raised and challenges to the privacy or security policies implemented.
  • Data security and legal compliance investigations.


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