New directions and departures: Beyond ‘normal’ export control and sanctions

Jun 15, 2022
  • Author(s) : Sanjay Notani ,Harleen Sandha
  • Recent years have witnessed a surge in the application of export controls in part driven by the continuing advances in technology and its application – which have wide-ranging ramifications for both exporting and importing countries. As a necessary corollary to this, the policy purpose for maintaining such export control regulations has also shifted.

    Against this backdrop, Sanjay Notani, Senior Partner and Harleen Singh Sandha, Associate at Economic Laws Practice (ELP) have co-authored an article titled ‘New directions and departures: Beyond ‘normal’ export control and sanctions’ which has been published in the June issue of WorldECR.  In their article, Sanjay and Harleen discuss the current developments in export controls, noting potential points of departure and change. The article further analyzes the opportunities and gaps pertaining to the export control landscape. The article ends on the note, highlighting the huge potential surrounding export control and how it plays a huge role to play in the global economy.

    Read the detailed article here: