Navigating Cross Border Insolvency In India: An Analysis Of Legal Precedents

Feb 19, 2024
  • Author(s) : Shailesh Poria , Dhruvee Patel, Shubhangi Khandelwal
  • Cross-border insolvency is a complex legal situation that arises when a company undergoing insolvency proceedings has assets, creditors, or operations in multiple jurisdictions. In the globalized business environment, this situation has become increasingly common, necessitating a harmonized and efficient framework to address the challenges associated with it.

    In this recently published column, “Navigating Cross Border Insolvency In India: An Analysis Of Legal Precedents”, in BW Legal World, Shailesh Poria, Partner,  Dhruvee Patel, Associate & Shubhangi Khandelwal, Associate, Economic Laws Practice (ELP), sheds light on the legal maelstrom that is cross border insolvency, and delve into the intricacies of it by analyzing existing precedent and identifying the lacunae in the law to provide a comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape.

    The article is accessible here: