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Taxation in India: Curated Views

Nov 22, 2019

Businesses today are facing immense challenges and doubts with regards to taxation in India. These range from macro to practical day – to day – issues in the direct, indirect, customs and litigation areas. Through this book we have tried to address the most recent and topical tax issues for businesses in India. This compendium of articles is a response to real time taxation queries of India Inc today. The book addresses GST related issues including anti – profiteering, incongruities between GST and income tax laws and the need for alignment between GST and customs laws. Current trends such as amnesty laws and the need for a more comprehensive tax regulatory regime for the digital medium have also been covered. Additionally, the approach adopted by Indian tax authorities on management fee and international cross charges and India’s increasingly dynamic approach to export controls also form part of the book. We have included a few sector and practice specific topics, ranging from GST implications on transactions in securities, debating the benefits of GST rate reduction in the real estate sector and key income tax concerns surrounding IBC. Finally, no book on tax can be complete without addressing the elephant in the room – tax litigation. For each article, we have attempted to provide supporting case studies to help the reader derive a holistic understanding of the issue at hand. Our team has also endeavored to simplify and cut through the complex legal language to put forth these issues in a reader friendly format.

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