EU carbon rules to hurt India, others

Jun 1, 2023
  • Author(s) : Sanjay Notani , Badri Narayanan Gopalkrishnan
  • The European Union approved its much talked about ‘carbon border adjustment mechanism’ last week. The measure which aims to create a level playing field for products produced using carbon-intensive processes with those that are greener may actually result in exacerbating the development divide. The measure may affect the fortunes of the poorer countries despite their much lower per-capita emissions.

    Against this backdrop, Sanjay Notani, Partner, Economic Laws Practice (ELP), and Badri Narayanan Gopalakrishnan, PhD, Fellow, NITI Aayog have co-authored an article EU carbon rules to hurt India, others published by The Hindu businessline which examines the impact of such measures on the global south.

    Read the detailed article here: