ELP Podcast Series – ELP and Gall Solicitors on Summary Judgement and Wire Frauds

Jul 5, 2022
  • Author(s) : Shailesh Poria
  • In this episode of ELP’s Podcast Series, we welcome all to our international collaboration in the podcast space. This is a Joint Podcast hosted by Economic Laws Practice (ELP) in India and Gall Solicitors in Hong Kong. This podcast tries to cover some interesting issues in the dispute resolution space in both India and Hong Kong. GALL covers the enquiries revolving around the recovery of funds in case of a wire fraud while ELP covers the issue of summary judgements in India. Although the issues are diverse in concept, it would leave the listeners with interesting take-aways.

    Our speakers for this episode are Shailesh Poria, Partner at Economic Laws Practice (ELP) and Ashima Sood, Senior Associate at GALL. The session was moderated by Kajal Aswani, Partner at GALL.