CBAM series – Episode 3 – The EU CBAM regulation – Key Takeways and the Way Forward

Jun 13, 2023

In the 3rd and final episode of the Trade Dialogue: CBAM series, Sanjay Notani and Parthsarathi Jha, Partners at Economic Laws Practice (ELP), engage in a dynamic discussion, bringing together the insights gained from their separate discussions with Arnoud Willems, Partner International Commercial and Trade Practice Group, Baker McKenzie, Brussels and Dr. Badri Narayanan Gopalakrishnan, PhD Fellow, NITI Aayog.

Drawing from Dr. Badri’s expertise in economics and Arnoud’s legal insights, Sanjay and Parth dissect the potential ramifications of CBAM on India’s industries and trade relations with the EU. They explore the delicate balance between protecting the climate and ensuring fair competition in the global market.

With a keen eye on the implications for India’s policy-making landscape, this final episode serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding the multifaceted dimensions of CBAM and its significance for India’s future in the international trade arena.

Tune into the episode here:

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