Analysing the Contours of UN Tax Solution

Nishant Shah, Partner, Economic Laws Practice (ELP) & Kazim Rizvi, Founder, The Dialogue have authored an article in ET on ‘Analysing the Contours of UN Tax Solution’. Taxation of the digitalized economy has been at the forefront of the global taxation discourse. The statement of OECD where 131 countries including India have agreed to support the global framework which outlines a two-pillar solution is a sign that countries are willing to come on the same page and accelerate the reformation of international tax rules.

Against this backdrop Nishant and Kazim also discuss the UN’s Article 12B which is more of a bilateral solution and intends to create new taxing rights for source countries by providing an alternative of gross basis or net basis method of taxation (with certain riders).

Towards this, ELP & The Dialogue have also co-authored a white paper on Article 12B which can be accessed here:

Read the detailed article here: