Alternative funding, tech-friendly and personalised services to boost digital lending, say experts

Dec 7, 2022
  • Author(s) : Mukesh Chand
  • Digital lending is convenient since it can be accessed through mobile devices and has less paperwork and eligibility checks than in a traditional bank. During the pandemic, lending through fintech and similar companies saw record growth, but the pace slowed eventually.

    The lending market in India grew 11.1 percent to Rs 174.3 lakh crore as of March 2022, as compared to last year. During the initial days of the pandemic, there was an indication in the market that the demand for loans through traditional lending channels was at its peak. But as demand rose, supply shrank from banks due to challenges in other parts of their business and owing to pandemic restrictions.

    In this context, Economic Laws Practice (ELP)’s Senior Counsel Mukesh Chand has been quoted in an article by for his views on the landscape of digital lending in India.

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