Trade Security Journal – KYC: A Process Ripe for Automation

International Trade & Customs Practice | Sep 19 2018

New Anti-Corruption Legislation to impact corporates in Ireland
Talking Trade Security with the Founder of China Labor Watch
How to address human rights risks in supply chains: New Research
A guide to US Data Protection
Understanding India’s Offset Policy

In this Issue

News Round-up

  • California’s data privacy clampdown: what it means for businesses
  • India’s corruption law a ‘game-changer’
  • G20 aims for October deadline on crypto antimoney laundering standard
  • Uber appoints first data protection and privacy chiefs
  • Singapore data breach hits 1.5m victims
  • EU-Japan deal ‘goes beyond trade’ to include reciprocal data protection
  • Ireland, Greece and Romania face fines for AML failings
  • UK to adopt fifth EU anti-money laundering directive in advance of BREXIT
  • Facebook and Google urged not to comply with ‘troubling’ Vietnam cybersecurity law
  • Cyber-crime a growing threat to UK law firms, report warns

Data Privacy

Five questions you should ask about Bahrain’s new data protection law


EU final guidelines on fraud reporting under the Payment Services Directive

Legal Privilege

Common sense prevails in the UK’s battle over legal professional privilege

Human Rights

How to address human rights risks in supply chains: new research on current practices


New anti-corruption legislation to impact corporates operating in Ireland


KYC: a process ripe for automation


Second Circuit Curbs FCPA application to some foreign participants in bribery

National Security

Understanding India’s offset policy

National Security

Tightening the screws on FDIs: The Leifeld case and projected developments in foreign direct investments in Germany

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