War of attrition

Mar 21, 2022

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues, the international legal community has condemned Vladimir Putin’s regime not just with words, but by boycotting Russian business and transactions. Against this backdrop, Suhail Nathani, Managing Partner and Ambarish Sathianathan, Partner at Economic Laws Practice (ELP) have been quoted by Law.Asia in their article titled ‘War of Attrition’.

Mr. Nathani is of the opinion that the horrors of the attack on Ukraine has galvanised a number of nations, such as Singapore, that are usually averse to sanctions. He says, “The unprecedented and far-reaching nature of these sanctions is best illustrated by Switzerland eschewing its tradition of neutrality to enforce the EU’s sanctions”. Ambarish is of the opinion that given the global flow of trade and investment these sanctions will have pervasive trade ramifications across the globe.

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