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WTO Dispute Settlement: Case Summaries (2017)

May 10, 2018

Settling trade disputes in a timely manner is important. It mitigates the negative effects of unresolved international trade conflicts. For this reason, the World Trade Organization (“WTO”) dispute settlement system – often called the jewel in the crown of the WTO – is frequently resorted to and has gained practical importance amongst WTO members. In other words, the WTO dispute settlement system matters.

The first edition of ‘WTO Dispute Settlement: Case Summaries’ has been prepared by the International Trade and Customs Team of Economic Laws Practice (“ELP”) to capture legal developments at the WTO in 2017. It analyzes all panel and Appellate Body reports adopted by the WTO dispute settlement body from 1 January 2017 till 31 December 2017 in a non-exhaustive manner.

This publication summarizes main facts and substantive findings contained in panel and Appellate Body reports for each decided dispute. The purpose of this publication is to act as a ready reference as you and your organization track developments in the WTO dispute settlement system.

This publication is provided for your convenience. It should not be considered as legal advice.

We would appreciate any comments or feedback that you have which will help make this publication and our continuing efforts more valuable to you and your organization.

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