How India Inc can contribute to lower emissions

Dec 30, 2022
  • Author(s) : Sanjay Notani , Naghm Ghei, Mitul Kaushal
  • Greater ESG compliance and investment in green energy projects by the private sector can help India achieve its low-emission development strategy. India’s vision of low-carbon development is based on the need to ensure India’s high energy needs for development.

    Against this backdrop, Sanjay Notani, Partner and Naghm Ghei, Principal Associate at Economic Laws Practice (ELP) have co-authored an article with inputs from Mitul Kaushal, a consultant with the firm, titled ‘How India Inc can contribute to lower emissions’ which has been published by The authors in their article discuss the long-term low-emission development strategy submitted by the GOI, highlighting major plans to transition to a low-emissions pathway. The article further delves into measures that the private sector may consider as part of India’s climate strategy. The authors are of the view that cooperation from India’s burgeoning private sector may play a key role as we advance to achieve our NDCs.

    Read the detailed article here: