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We, at Economic Laws Practice ("ELP"), understand and appreciate the concerns that visitors to our website may have and to that end, are committed to protecting the privacy of all visitors. Towards this, we have adopted a privacy policy (the "Privacy Policy" or "Policy") that governs how the information provided by you on the ELP website is used, collected, disclosed, updated and protected. We urge you to read our Privacy Policy carefully before using the ELP website.

The Privacy Policy of ELP meets and complies with the extant laws of India. Visitors from other countries may be advised that the laws and regulations in India in relation to privacy may differ from that of other countries. All information that may be provided by you will be used in accordance with the laws and regulations having the force of law in India.

We may collect information from you through your use of our website, when you request information from us or engage our services.

Websites covered by this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy only covers the ELP website and does not extend to any other website, even if links to such third party websites may have been provided on any part of the ELP website. We would like to draw your notice to the fact that if you click on any link provided in any content hosted on our website, you may be leaving the ELP website and visiting another website to which this Privacy Policy does not apply. ELP shall not be bound to expressly intimate this to you, though in most instances, but not always, such an action may result in a new browser window opening. This Privacy Policy constitutes sufficient, reasonable and adequate caution and advice and ELP is in no manner responsible for the actions undertaken by you outside of the ELP website.

Therefore, you would be advised to first verify the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) or the hypertext transfer protocol (http) address displayed in the address bar of your web browser to confirm and satisfy yourself whether or not you are still accessing the ELP website (, prior to providing any information. If you have left the ELP website or have been redirected by a link on any page on the ELP website to any third party website, this Privacy Policy shall not apply to such non-ELP and / or third party websites. You should apprise yourself of the privacy policy of such websites as they may differ substantially from the terms of this Policy.

Information collected on the ELP website

Disclosure of Information

We may disclose demographic and aggregated information about our users and information that does not identify any individual without restriction.

We may disclose personal information that we collect or you provide as described in this Privacy Policy:

Please note that we do not sell, rent, distribute or otherwise make any of your personal information available for a commercial purpose, except as expressly provided in this Policy or with your prior permission.


ELP uses 128-bit encryption, which is currently the permitted level of encryption in India, for the transmission of visitor registration and transaction requests and information. When the information provided by visitor is not transmitted through this encryption procedures, the visitor's computer system (if configured accordingly) will display an appropriate message.

However, the internet is an open system and ELP makes no assurance that the personal information which may be provided by a visitor will not be intercepted or accessed by others and decrypted. ELP, its partners, associates, employees, agents and representatives shall not be liable or responsible should any confidential or other information provided by or pertaining to the visitor (including names, IDs, place of work, etc.) be intercepted and subsequently used by an unintended recipient, despite the security systems implemented by it.

Information that you send to us in electronic form may not be secure and, unless you are already a client, will not be treated as privileged or confidential.

Accessing and Correcting Your Personal Information

You may send us an e-mail at to request access to, correct or delete any personal information that you have provided to us. We shall not be responsible for the authenticity of the personal information or sensitive personal data or information supplied by the user.

Amendments to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time and such amendments shall be effective from the date on which it is posted on our website. We reserve the right to amend this Policy without the consent or concurrence of any third party visitor.


By providing information on this website, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of such information in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy, including but not limited to the disclosure of such information to third parties in accordance with the terms hereof.

We hope that this gives you a clear idea of our practices in relation to privacy. If you require any further information, feel free to e-mail as at

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