Infrastructure and Energy Digest – April 2020


Projects, Infrastructure & Energy

In continuance of our previous edition, this month’s Infrastructure Digest focusses on the measures taken by various agencies pursuant to the subsisting lockdown on account of COVID-19. It is evident that the Government is mindful of the current exigencies being faced by the sector and is continuing to strive to minimize the impact so as to ensure ease of operations.

In the energy sector, we have analysed directives regarding continuous supply of power by state DISCOMs, levy of late payment surcharge and extension of the Scheduled Commissioning Date for renewable energy projects, among others. For ports, we have dealt with the Ministry of Shopping order permitting invocation of force majeure and remission of charges.

In addition to the COVID-19 related updates, we have also examined certain other important updates such as the Electricity (Amendment) Bill, 2020 which was released by the Ministry of Power on April 17th. The Digest also analyses a recent decision of the High Court of Kerala wherein it was observed that blacklisting a tenderer without an opportunity of being heard was bad in law.

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