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Hospitality – Indian Legal Issues

Apr 1, 2020

We are delighted to bring you ELP’s guide to “Hospitality – Indian Legal Issues” which highlights the important Indian legal issues that impact the Hospitality Sector. The laws and contracts that govern the relationship between hotel owners, operators, guests and hotel financiers are not taught at Law School or College. Therefore, we have had to draw upon our experiences from the 75 hotel transactions that we have been a part of over the last 15 years. For this experience we are indebted to numerous clients who have entrusted us with negotiating and drafting contracts and structuring transactions that are meant to live through decades. As the industry grows through innovation and user preferences, the law will always be playing catch up. It is therefore even more important that lawyers work closely with operators and owners to cater to the future through robust contracts.

The subjects covered in this guide range from the basic Hospitality Management Agreement (“HMA”) to the GATS regime and many issues in-between. This guide would not have been able to cover such varied topics without the efforts of the specialists that together form the team at ELP.

We do hope this makes for some interesting reading. We respect every reader’s opinion and your feedback is welcome.

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